Pleased to meet you!

We're Hoppermagic and we like to make nice things, most commonly that's websites, but we've also produced other products such as apps, games and the odd museum kiosk. The trick is we build things that work, a lot of care and effort is put in to make sure we're building the 'right' product, both for the client and for the end user. We take pride in what we do, whether its defining the direction for a new project such as the Tignes Spirit Rentals website or identifying ways of improving existing sites through structural or design changes, like our continuing work with The Ultimate Travel Company.

Hoppermagic was founded by Leigh Kayley in 2003, Leigh works collaboratively with a pool of skilled individuals and companies making sure the correct skills are in place to deliver the best work possible.

If you'd like to know more, feel free to get in touch:

Some of our clients

  • The Ultimate Travel Company
  • Andrew Winch Designs
  • SmartStream
  • Fiona Lintott
  • Hannah Teare
  • Tignes Spirit
  • Luck Labs

What they say

Leigh and I sat down and worked through the features that I felt were important to my site. We discussed various designs and he made some great suggestions which built on my original directives. Once decided, Leigh set to work swiftly building the site and remained open and adaptable to changes as it all came together. He has been incredibly helpful in keeping the site up to date and available to indulge and discuss any changes. A joy to work with.

Hannah Teare
Freelance fashion stylist

The whole process ran incredibly smoothly, from discussing designs through to seeing it launched. My last site didn't work on iPads or mobiles, so it was a central requirement that the new one did, and I'm very pleased with the finished result.

Fiona Lintott
Fashion & Beauty Director Condé Nast Traveller

Leigh at Hoppermagic is a pleasure to work with - quick to respond, full of ideas and up-to-date with the latest digital news.

Annabel Ford
Digital Marketing Executive, The Ultimate Travel Company