Tignes Spirit Rentals

Role: ux, design, html, css

Tignes Spirit Rentals are a ski and snowboard rental company based in the French resort of Tignes. The first part of the brief was to come up with a user flow that made it easy for customers to book online, taking into account different permutations such as group bookings, bookings through affiliates as well as saved bookings. After completing the UX work we provided the visual design and the front-end templates, maintaining a simple, clean style and highlighting the superior equipment TSR rent out.

We've recently adapted the site to work responsively, paying particular attention to the booking process which has led to a significant rise in mobile transactions.

Check out the Tignes Spirit Rentals website
Tignes Spirit Rentals mobile homepage
Tignes Spirit Rentals mobile order equipment
Tignes Spirit Rentals homepage

Val Spirit

The company has recently branched out into other resorts, which has given us the opportunity to develop the brand further. We’ve produced resort specific websites that all feel part of the same family, but despite the styling changes are still able to run off the same templates.

Tignes Spirit Rentals
Tignes Spirit Rentals desktop rent equipment
Tignes Spirit Rentals webcams