A selection of creative experiments, betas and proof of concepts for a variety of different clients.

Concept work showing how you could use a photograph to generate an image that looked as if it had been embroidered. Adobe Flash was used for this because of its easily accessible bitmap and colour manipulation classes. The final product would probably have been an AIR app.

Scarlett Johansson Threads

Hitchhikers game

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy game was built to explore CreateJS and is a ground up rebuild of a Flash game created a long time ago to publicise an exhibition of props from the film. Some of the games are fun enough to potentially be spun off into standalone games in the future. Read some more about the project here, you can also play the hard version of the game or play the easier version with no question rounds.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Game

Elite Ships

Some classic ships from the legendary space trading game Elite built using Three.js and utilising WebGL where available. Click to view.

Elite ship three.js animation


Built using CreateJS and a fair bit of maths, this demo aims to simulate a horizontal scroll with a depth of field, as if objects are mapped onto the inside of a sphere with the camera positioned at the centre. You can click and drag to scroll the elements faster. View the interactive.


Bouncing balls

A proof of concept to illustrate how we could form jackpot numbers from a programmatic animation.